Open Saturdays
Classes for All

Batch Activity Venue
Sem III Fashion Photography (9.45 To 11.00) FPD/ Studio 01
Sem V Photo Editing ( 11.00 To 16.00) Studio 04/ Mac Lab

SSVAP introduces open Saturdays. A day where everyone across Symbiosis is invited to attend the workshops running in our studios.

Industry Interactions

SSVAP invites industry stalwarts on campus to interact with students for various platforms such as Masterclasses, Annual Festival, Exhibition, Film Festival, etc.


As a part of the value-added program, SSVAP invites eminent people from the industry to conduct masterclasses for our students. These special classes are to provide a different perspective to the students by the big names in the industry.


SSVAP invites industry experts and practicing professionals to give students an opportunity to learn the industry requirements and develop skills accordingly.

Guest Lectures

SSVAP practices a teaching philosophy where every course has some elements taught by the external faculty. We invite industry professionals to our classrooms and studios to teach some elements of the course.